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Around The Water Cooler.

Welcome to the latest news from Certified Pure. Our blog keeps you up to speed on the latest environmental stories, with focused coverage on issues related to water.

November 20, 2013

Massachusetts Supports Filtered Water Coolers

The state of Massachusetts has made progress on the goal of a five cent deposit on bottled water and sport drinks. The committee in charge of deposits has approved the motion, and the bill is now in the senate. If passed by the senate and the house, the new law will provide great incentive for people to recycle more plastic water bottles that currently end up in landfills or in our oceans. Furthermore, the increase in cost due to the legislation should cause some people to reconsider the price they are paying for bottled water in the first place.

Additionally there has been a wide movement in Massachusetts and other neighboring states (New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut) to do away with bottled water coolers. Studies show that a majority of small businesses are moving away from bottled water and signing up for office filtered water coolers. Certified Pure Water has placed hundreds of filtered water cooler in offices, helping offices pay less for better water and for a filtered water cooler office environment. The state of Massachusetts has also moved to switching their public offices to filtered water coolers from bottled water coolers.

Certified Pure Water commends these efforts for filtered water coolers and is positioned to help offices switch to filtered water coolers. Our office filtered water cooler service minimizes the environmental impact of plastic water bottles. We use advanced filtration to purify the water in your building the highest standards, eliminating the need for bottled water delivery.

Move beyond bottles with a filtered water cooler from Certified Pure Water.