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Around The Water Cooler.

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December 10, 2013

True Cost of Bottled Water

Gas is expensive enough. Can you imagine a $200 bill every time you fill up your car? Well, if you filled your 20 gallon tank up with individual 1 liter bottles of water, you would be paying a jaw dropping $10 dollars a gallon. For that same $2.50 you spend at the convenience store  for a liter of bottled water  you could buy instead , on average, 2,000 gallons of tap water. You don’t buy individual water bottles, but instead use your companies bottled dispenser? That too is no bargain. It is estimated that bottled water dispensers  to cost up to 250 times the cost of  using tap water.

Stop wasting money and switch to a filtered water purification cooler from Certified Pure Water. Our filtered coolers allow your company to harness the cheap tap water already available and turn it into piping hot, or ice cold purified drinking water at a fraction of the cost of using big, ugly, unhygienic, and expensive bottled water.

Certified Pure Water provides offices with a filtered water cooler service. Our filtered water coolers utilize a wide range of water purification technologies to deliver offices with the purest filtered water. Our filtered water coolers guarantee to provide bottled water quality without paying for office water delivery service. Learn more about our Reverse Osmosis technology and our filtered water coolers and green your office by doing away with bottled water and switching to a Certified Pure filtered water cooler. Certified Pure Water provides it’s filtered water cooler service to offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Call Certified Pure Water today at 781-963-8811 x2 to sign your office up for our premium filtered bottleless water cooler service.