Our Pods Offer Variety to Satisfy Everyone – Whether You Love a Light Roast, or a Dark French Roast, or Anything in Between! Read below for our favorites, see our entire catalogue.

  • A light roast maximizes the ‘flavors of origin,’ the unique characteristics that are caused by varying geographic locations, altitudes, and growing techniques from different coffee grown around the world. These beans produce an incredibly smooth and mellow coffee, with a light body. See them!

    • Donut Shop Blend:

      "Our lightest roast, bright and lively in the cup with a smooth clean finish."

    • House Blend Regular:

      “This blend is a mix of the finest Central and South American coffees, roasted lightly for an incredibly smooth experience. A perfect everyday cup.”

    • House Blend Decaf:

      “Processed from the finest 100% Arabica high altitude grown coffees, roasted to give the smooth and mellow flavor you expect and yet it is 98% caffeine-free.”

  • Medium roasted beans are more complex and balanced than a light roast, yet only exhibit mild smokiness when compared to a darker roast. Also known as a “Full City Roast,” our medium roasted blends are an excellent balance of great flavor and smoothness, cup after cup. See them!

    • 100% Colombian

      “This is South America's finest gourmet coffee bean. These Arabica beans are grown at high mountain altitudes and produce a rich, satisfying flavor with a full- bodied taste.”

    • Breakfast Blend:

      “Blended of 25% French roast and 75% light roast, the breakfast blend is rich in flavor, color and aroma. It's truly a morning cup to be savored!”

    • Colombian 50/50:

      (Half Decaf/Half Regular) "Rich, full bodied and excellent flavor that is 50% regular and 50% decaffeinated Colombian coffee, so you don't have to mix it yourself."
    • European Blend

      "A blend of Central and South American coffees, medium roasted together for the rich coffee with a hint of smoke.”
    • Fair Trade Organic Village Blend:

      "This blend of the finest certified Fair Trade organic coffees in the world brings you a smooth, aromatic and full-bodied cup, from an environmentally and economically responsible source"
    • Mocha Java

      "The world's most popular blend, Indonesian Java combined with Ethiopian Mocha Harrar for a smooth, balanced cup
  • Dark roasted beans are roasted until the point where the surface becomes slightly oily, allowing for an intense, almost spicy mouth feel. At this stage, our darkest roasts exhibit the flavors of the bean heavily infused with a rich smokiness from the roasting process. See them!

    • Dark Kenya:

      “This dark roasted coffee has a unique, outstanding body with a surprisingly bright finish. Give this a try if you want a refreshing, different coffee experience!”

    • Fair Trade Organic French Roast:

      “Our darkest roast, the French roast we offer is a bold blend of Fair Trade Organic Central and South American coffees that offers a rich smoky flavor to accompany its full-bodied nature.”

    • Sumatra:

      “One of Indonesiaʼs finest treasures, this dark roasted coffee is considered the most full- bodied coffee in the world with an earthy body, low acidity, and chocolate undertones.”

  • We are proud to offer the finest flavored coffees available on the market today. Starting with the choicest 100% Arabica beans, our coffee is infused with delicious blends of vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and many more wonderful flavors during the roasting process. See them!

    • Butter Pecan:

      “The flavor of slow roasted southern pecans makes this comfort coffee a crowd favorite.”

    • Chocolate Babka:

      “Old world flavor reminiscent of chocolate coffee cake and nuts.”

    • Cinnamon Stick

      "Warm, sweet cinnamon flavors blended into the coffee to bring you this traditional favorite."

    • Crème Brulee

      "The smooth taste of vanilla custard highlighted with cooked caramel.”

    • Flavor Pods Sampler

      "A variety of flavored coffees, containing two of each of the following flavors: Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Creme Brulee"

    • French Toast

      "Hot off the griddle French Toast dusted with fine cinnamon, then topped with buttery maple syrup."

    • French Vanilla

      “Delicious bright, light blend infused with the sweetness of the vanilla bean. This coffee provides perfect balance and can be enjoyed both day and night.”

    • French Vanilla Decaf

      “Delicious bright, light blend infused with the sweetness of the vanilla bean and decaffeinated.”

    • Hazelnut

      “From the finest 100% Arabica beans, this medium roasted coffee is accented with delicious cream hazelnut tones.”

    • Hazelnut Decaf

      “This medium roasted coffee is accented with delicious cream hazelnut tones and decaffeinated.”

    • Pumpkin Spice

      The invigorating blend brings notes of warm pumpkin pie.

    • Toasted Almond

      Full of lightly toasted almond flavor, smooth and satisfying.

    • Vanilla Fudge Swirl

      A delectable combination of smooth, creamy French Vanilla and dark, rich chocolate fudge.

  • We search the earth for select tea leaves and botanicals, and then craft inspired blends for the most exceptional taste. Pursuit of excellence on unparalleled quality and enduring and passion bring you Terra Leaf – the Evolution of Tea. See them!

    • Black Chai Tea:

      “Traditional Eastern blend of teas and spices produces a cup with medium body and a long, smooth aftertaste.”

    • Citron Green Tea:

      “A complex tea with hints of citrus, this tea produces a pleasant, light body and a refreshing aftertaste.”

    • Decaf Black Tea:

      “Smooth and soothing, harvested from the fields of Ceylon, decaffeinated for your pleasure.”