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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General FAQs
    • Is a Certified Pure bottleless water dispenser really better than a bottled water cooler?
      Absolutely! With a bottleless water dispenser, you can save money, go green, conserve space, and enjoy an unlimited supply of pure water. Tempting? Try a bottleless water dispenser risk free!
    • What about our existing contract with our current office water delivery service?
      Not to worry. Once you decide upgrade to a bottleless filtered water dispenser, Certified Pure Water will help break the contract for you.
    • How do I quantify my savings with a bottleless water dispenser?
      Certified Pure's low monthly pricing is all inclusive and will significantly cut your costs. Not only is our bottleless water dispenser less expensive than ordering 5-gallon water jugs, but our bottleless water dispenser eliminates the costs of transporting, storing, and managing bottled water. It adds up fast. To get some hard numbers, try our cost calculator.
    • How do I pay my bottleless water dispenser bill?
      Payment for your bottleless water dispenser is simple. We will send you an electronic invoice monthly or quarterly (your choice). You can pay for your bottleless water dispenser directly online with a credit card, over the phone, or by writing a check.
    • Does Certified Pure provide bottleless water dispenser service to homes as well as offices?
      Yes! Our bottleless water dispenser can meet your drinking needs. We offer under-the-sink filtration systems, counter top bottleless water dispensers, and floor model bottleless water dispensers that will provide pure hot and cold drinking water without having to store and pay for bottled water. We can customize the bottleless water dispenser purification system to provide pure drinking water regardless of your current water quality. We offer free trials and quotes on all of our bottleless water dispenser models. Contact us to learn more. 
    • What happens if there is a problem with the bottleless water dispenser?
      Our bottleless water dispensers remain under a lifetime warranty. If there is ever a problem with the bottleless water dispenser we will replace it free of charge. Just give us a call.
  • Installation FAQs
    • How does installation of my bottleless water dispenser work?
      The short answer is that our certified plumber will invisibly connect your bottleless water dispenser to the nearest cold water line in your building (typically under the nearest sink). It is as simple as installing an ice maker or an automatic coffee brewer! Once set up, water will pass through a multi-stage filtration system before being held in a stainless steel basin, inside the bottleless water dispenser. With our trained and certified plumbers, we will assess your location and can generally place the bottleless water dispenser anywhere in your building, regardless of water source proximity. To learn the details, visit our installation page.
    • How close does a water source need to be to install a bottleless water dispenser?
      No need to worry if the bottleless water dispenser is not near a water source! Certified Pure has placed bottleless water dispensers up to 500 feet away from the nearest water source.
    • How long does it take to install a bottleless water dispenser?
      Installation of a bottleless water dispenser typically takes under one hour.
    • I am worried about leaks and flooding in my office from the bottleless water dispenser
      There are several safe guards in place to protect against leaks. Firstly, our bottleless water dispensers hook up to the building's water line after a shut off valve, the same way you would hook up an ice maker or coffee brewer. If necessary, this valve can be manually shut off, immediately stopping the flow of water into the bottleless water dispenser. Secondly, our bottleless water dispenser has additional shutoff valves located where the water supply connects to the bottleless water dispenser, so that bottleless water dispenser can be turned off at the point of use. Thirdly, each bottleless water dispenser contains a double mechanical, back up float system. If a leak was to occur from the bottleless water dispenser, the floats would rise and trigger an instantaneous shut off of the water. Finally, Certified Pure Water uses only the highest grade, independently certified water lines in our installation of our bottleless water dispenser, build to withstand up to 230 psi. The standard water pressure in most office building does not exceed 80 psi. 
    • With your bottleless water dispenser, will our municipal water bill increase?
      Most municipal water costs about 1 penny for 4 gallons. So, if you typically drink 8 five-gallon bottles per month, your municipal water bill will rise about 10 cents with our bottleless water dispenser.
  • Water Purification FAQs
    • Are your bottleless water dispenser and filters certified?
      Yes! Our bottleless water dispensers are UL, CSA, and CE certified, and our water filters hold an NSF certification.
    • What is special about your water purification system in your bottleless water dispenser?
      Certified Pure is proud to offer an industry leading purification system for our bottleless water dispenser. The purification technology is designed to optimize health and hydration, offering pure drinking water that surpasses the quality of bottled water delivery service. We perform ongoing testing on our water quality and guarantee 100% satisfaction on our bottleless water dispensers. We want you to try our bottleless water dispenser's water and compare it directly to bottled water quality. Sign up for a FREE, no-obligation trial, and experience the difference first hand of a bottleless water dispenser. 
    • Will your bottleless water dispenser purification system treat non-potable water?
      Unfortunately not, our filters are only certified to purify potable water.
    • How often do we have to change the bottleless water dispenser filters?
      You don't-we do! Our standard bottleless water dispenser service includes free routine filter changes. The bottleless water dispenser filters are commercial grade, certified to purify 1,250 gallons of water, and changed typically every 6-12 months depending on usage.
    • What is the problem with a bottled water cooler and my office water delivery service?
      There are four major concerns with a bottled water cooler and a traditional office water delivery service. 
      1. Health- First, it is unknown how long those 5-gallon jugs of water sit in storage before being delivered to your office – days, weeks, months? During this time, chemicals, such as BPA, can leach out of the plastic and into the water you are drinking. Second, dirt, dust and airborne pathogens, can easily enter the bottled water coolers through the large opening in the top of the cooler. When is the last time you cleaned that reservoir where the neck of the 5 gallon bottle sits? Do you always sanitize your hands before changing the bottle?
      2. Price- When you sign up for office bottled water delivery service, you are paying a transportation premium for the delivery of your drinking water to your office. Our bottleless water dispenser purifies your drinking water at point of consumption, eliminating the cost of the water delivery service. Our filtered bottleless water dispenser as compared to traditional drinking water delivery service are a much more economical solution to providing your office or home with pure hot and cold drinking water. 
      3. Environmental Waste- Office bottled water delivery service is an incredibly wasteful industry. Last year alone, the production of bottled water required 17 million barrels of oil – enough to fuel 1 million cars for a year. Furthermore, it requires 3 times as much water to make the bottle as it does to fill it...Learn more here
      4. Office Efficiency- A bottled water cooler clogs up the office. Managing the bottled water office delivery service takes time, storing the 5 gallon bottled water jugs claims valuable office space, and changing the 5 gallon jug in the bottled water cooler is a hassle and potentially dangerous. 
    • Where does Certified Pure offer office and home bottleless water dispenser service to?
      Certified Pure's administrative office is based in Portland Maine, Seabrook New Hampshire, and Woburn Massachusetts and provides bottleless water dispenser service to office locations and homes nationwide. Our bottleless water dispenser service area includes, but is not limited to,  Portland Maine, Lewiston Maine, Bangor Maine, South Portland Maine, Auburn Maine, Brunswick Maine, Biddeford Maine, Sanford Maine, Scarborough Maine, Augusta Maine, Saco Maine, Windham Maine, Westbrook Maine, Waterville Maine, Gorham Maine, Kennebunk Maine, Falmouth Maine, Yarmouth, Maine, Berlin New Hampshire, Claremont New Hampshire, Concord New Hampshire, Franklin New Hampshire, Keene New Hampshire, Laconia New Hampshire, Manchester New Hampshire, Nashua New Hampshire, Portsmouth New Hampshire, Dover New Hampshire, Boston Massachusetts, Worcester Massachusetts, Springfield Massachusetts, Cambridge Massachusetts, Woburn Massachusetts, Somerville Massachusetts, Medford Massachusetts, Waltham Massachusetts, Burlington Massachusetts, Plymouth Massachusetts, Revere Massachusetts, Lexington Massachusetts, Downtown Boston Massachusetts, Lynn Massachusetts, Albany New York, Hartford Connecticut, New Haven Connecticut, and nationwide across continental United States. Contact us today to learn more about our office bottleless water dispenser service or our home bottleless water dispenser service. 

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