When you sign up for our risk free trial, we will promptly install a bottleless water dispenser of your choice, free of charge. Installation of our bottleless water dispenser are always preformed by one of our trained, licensed plumbers and is guaranteed to be a safe, quick procedure with no risk to your building's infrastructure.

How does the bottleless water dispenser installation work?

Installing a bottleless water dispenser is simple – it requires the same basic steps as hooking up an ice maker or and automatic coffee brewer.

First, our professional installer will arrive at your location and assess the area for the bottleless water dispenser. They will ask where you would like the bottleless water dispenser to be placed, and then locate the nearest cold water line. The most common locations for the water line that our plumber will use as a source are found under a sink or in the ceiling.

The installer connects to the water line after a shutoff valve. This is done for safety purposes – if there is ever a reason to shut the water off to the bottleless water dispenser it can be done at the shutoff valve.

After connecting to the water line, the bottleless water dispenser installer will snake flexible tubing invisibly from the water source, though the walls as necessary, to the location of the bottleless water dispenser. We use only the highest grade water lines, designed and certified specifically for the drinking water industry. The water line is then connected to the back of bottleless water dispenser, the cooler is plugged in, and unlimited pure water is immediately available!

The entire installation is usually completed in under an hour! It’s simple, it's bottleless water dispensers.