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Just. Pure. Water.

Certified Pure is proud to offer an industry leading purification system on our bottleless water dispenser, to provide you with the cleanest, best-tasting drinking water.

Two Types of Filtration

Micron Filtration

Certified Pure’s absolute micron filtration technology purifies water in three stages.

  • Stage 1:
    Water passes through a filter 20 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, removing bacteria and sediment.
  • Stage 2:
    The second stage removes lead and all harmful chemicals (chlorine, pesticides) by pressure-forcing the water through a filter 100 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.
  • Stage 3:
    A final carbon activated filter enhances the flavor of the water by removing bad taste and odor, leaving your water tasting pure and fresh.

Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis system adds a 4th stage to water purification, and is chosen by those who prefer the taste of distilled water. 

  • Stage 4:
    After traveling through the same three stages used in micron filtration, water is pressure-forced through microscopic pores in a membrane, 200,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Doing so removes 95% of all minerals, leaving you with H20 in its purest form, comparable to distilled water.


Certified Pure has taken several precautions to ensure that your water stays pure, always.

  • LG Quality

    Certified Pure utilizes components made by LG Electronics in our bottleless water dispensers.

  • Stainless Steel Internals

    All of our bottleless water dispensers hold purified water in stainless steel tanks, eliminating the risk of chemicals leaching from plastics.

  • Protected Against Contamination

    Using a natural antibacterial process, our water is treated to insure no contaminants enter or build in the fully sealed stainless steel water tanks.

  • Independently Certified

    Our bottleless water dispensers are UL, CDS, and CE certified. In addition, our nine stage purification system holds a NSF certification.

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