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Simply, better water.

At Certified Pure, our clients come first. Offering lifetime warranties and 6 month service intervals on all our bottleless water dispensers, it is our promise that you will always have exceptionally pure water.

Our Service

We like simplicity – we lease our bottleless water dispenser for a flat monthly rate with no hidden or upfront fees. During our free installation, our technicians will discretely install your new bottleless water dispenser anywhere in your office - just like an ice-maker or plumbed in coffee brewer. Included in the monthly lease rate are our industry leading 6 month service intervals, where we preform filter changes, bottleless water dispenser cleaning and sanitation, and a water quality test. Sign up for our risk free trial today and experience with no obligation the benefits of bottleless water dispensers!

Our service includes:

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You Could Save $264.60 per year with Certified Pure's bottleless water dispenser*.

* Assumes a $10.00 per month rental fee per bottled cooler and an average bottleless water dispenser rental fee for Boston, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Office & home bottleless water dispenser and delivery service. We provide our top of the line bottleless water dispenser service to homes and offices in Portland Maine, Augusta Maine, Saco Maine, Bangor Maine, Boston Massachusetts, Woburn Massachusetts, Cambridge Massachusetts, Springfield, MA, Worchester, MA, Burlington Massachusetts, Portsmouth New Hampshire, and Manchester NH. Our bottleless water dispenser coverage extends to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.